You can never prepare enough for tragedy. The unexpected costs that sudden illness & death in a family's life can weigh heavy. Ghawk Foundation was created to bare some of the load. 


Our Mission

We want to let families who dealing with loss or illness know that they do not need to go through it alone. We are here to provide monetary support to those in need. For those who are struggling to pay for healthcare & medication. For those who need to take time off work & are finding it difficult to make ends meet. For those who have found themselves with unexpected funerals & medical bills. For those who need to provide for their family after the main source of income has been restricted. The stresses & bereavement that come with losing a loved one or having a loved one fall ill can often make it hard to keep your head above water, we are here to provide a life jacket.

In doing so, we aim to help people get back on their feet & renew hope in families lives.

With compassion we are able to provide comfort. Your support brings joy to broken hearts & helps heal aching families.